Professor Ames serves as editor for this first edition of the Routledge Handbook of Brazilian Politics to be published April 2018. Themes of the volume include Behavior and Participation, Civil Society, Parties and Elections, Institutions, and Policy. A tentative list of chapters:

The Input Side:

Political Behavior and Participation

  • Political Participation (Julian Borba, Ednaldo Ribeiro)
  • The Representation of Women (Pedro Dos Santos, Kristin Wylie)
  • The Increasing Saliency of Race in Brazilian Politics (Gladys Mitchell-Walthour)
  • Continuity and Change in Public Attitudes toward Corruption (Kelly Senters, Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, Matthew Winters)
  • Religion, Politics, and the Secular State (Amy Erica Smith)

Civil Society

  • Social Movements and the State (Rebecca Neaera Abers, Marisa Von Bulow)
  • Democratic Innovation and Institutionalization among Brazilian Municipalities (Wagner Romão, Brian Wampler)
  • Lobbying (Manoel Santos, Wagner Pralon Mancuso)

Representation:  Parties and Elections

  • State Legislative Elections as a Local Business (George Avelino)
  • Federalism, Party Politics, and Coalition Dynamics (André Borges)
  • Retrospective Voting and Democratic Accountability (Daniela Campello)
  • Voting for President: The Role of Partisanship, the Economy, and Ideology (Yan de Souza Carreirão, Lúcio Rennó)
  • Campaigns, Elections, and Accountability (Scott Desposato)
  • Measuring Ideology among Brazilian Voters (Matthew Kearney, Fabiana Machado)
  • Ideology, Right-wing Parties (Timothy Power, Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira, Mathew Ingram, Luciana Da Ros)
  • Partisans, Anti-Partisans, and Voter Behavior (David Samuels, Cesar Zucco)

Political Institutions

  • Cabinets and Coalitional Presidentialism (Octavio Amorim Neto)
  • Participatory Institutions: The Production of Institutional Success and Efficiency (Leonardo Avritzer)
  • Coalition Management in Multiparty Presidential Regimes (Frederico Bertholini, Carlos Pereira)
  • Judicial Politics (Luciano Da Ros, Matthew Ingram)
  • Political Appointments, Political Parties, and Bureaucracy (Felix Lopez, Sérgio Praça)

Political Economy and Policy

  • The Political Economy of Inequality (Frances Hagopian)
  • Environmental Politics and Policy (Kathryn Hochstettler)
  • The Rise and Fall of the “New Developmentalism” (Peter Kingstone, Luis Felipe Dias Kling)
  • Bolsa Família: Historical, Administrative, and Popular Perspectives (Matthew Layton)
  • The Politics of Human Rights (Juliana Martins, Anthony Pereira)
  • Left Government, Business Politics, and the Revival of Industrial Policy in Brazil  (Mansueto Almeida, Renato Lima-de-Oliveira, Ben Ross Schneider)
  • Clientelism, Social Assistance Programs (Natasha Borges Sugiyama)
  • Foreign Policy (Guilherme Casarões)